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Trema Flyer german presentation, goals, information and more… 23 MB free
articles of TREMA e.V. association german 0,1 MB free
membership application
membership application 0,4 MB free
letter of recommendation letter of recommendation 0,3 MB free
NEU! TREMA e.V. Guidelines for TCCC Version 1.2 german, state june 2012 3,4 MB free
TREMA e.V. Guidelines for TCCC Version 1.0 german, state june 2010 3,4 MB free
NEU! Initial and Rapid Assessment Card assessment algorithm
german, reworked 08/12
0,2 MB free
Casualty Card german, reworked 09/11 0,2 MB free
TCCC Guidelines September 2012
latest changes after the CoTCCC Meeting on September 2012 0.4 MB free
 formular for book ordering “Taktische Medizin” free